Privacy Policy

Shonan Flavor, Inc. (hereinafter, "Company") shall pursue to protect personal information in accordance with the following privacy policy, and develop a framework required for the protection of personal information,
so as to ensure that all of its employees recognize the importance of and pursue to protect personal information.

Control of personal information

Company shall maintain its security and control systems, thoroughly educate and train its employees, and take any other security measures necessary to strictly control personal information so as to keep the personal information of our customers accurate and updated, and to prevent unauthorized access to, and loss, disruption, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

Purpose of personal information use

Our customers' personal information are used to send E-mails and materials containing messages from the Company or a response to the query or question regarding our services.

Prohibition of third-party disclosure of personal information

Company shall appropriately handle customers' personal information, and in no event shall disclose personal information to third-party unless otherwise the material is:
・Disclosed under the consent of the customer
・Disclosed to a subcontractor of the Company pertinent to services demanded by the customer
・Required to be disclosed by laws.

Security measures for personal information

Company is taking a thorough security measures to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.

Inquiry for customer's own personal information

In no event shall customer's personal information be inquired for, corrected, or deleted even upon request of the customer him/herself, unless otherwise the identification of such customer is confirmed.

Observance of laws and guidelines, and review of this policy

Company shall comply with the laws of Japan and guidelines concerning the personal information it retains, and as necessary, review and improve the contents of this policy.


Any inquiry regarding our handling of personal information should be forwarded to the following address.
1-25-10, Ekota, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 165-0022, Japan