Plant Information

Plant Information

Flavors and scents derived naturally by our original technologies bring new values to the food culture.
We would like to show you hereunder how Shonan Flavor's products are manufactured in what sort of environment and with what sort of technologies.

Yatsugatake Foothills Farm

Founder Yuzuru Nosaka bought this land for cultivation near Kiyosato station at the foothills of Mt.Yatsugatake which consists of volcanic ash. One may see in this farm the desire to be "Natural". Currently "Pasturing and Circulation" being keywords, and not being dependant of imported feed mixtures, pasturing is being conducted self-sufficiently without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. Even with difficulties national production presents, we strive to produce "domestically produced organic milk", and also aim to realize a low input continual meadow stock raising.


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