Plant Information

Plant Information

Flavors and scents derived naturally by our original technologies bring new values to the food culture.
We would like to show you hereunder how Shonan Flavor's products are manufactured in what sort of environment and with what sort of technologies.

Yamanashi Factory

It is our main factory that has been established in 1989 as a result of the Kiyosato Factory being relocated here. This factory is located in the northwestern end of the Kofu basin and is abundant of nature and overlooks the Southern Japanese Alps, and Mt. Yatsugatake. At the Yamanashi Factory, natural flavor extracts as well as citrus juice essence for food products are manufactured using such technologies as membrane separation, membrane concentration, absorption separation, and carbon dioxide extraction technology, also utilizing a combination of various extraction, refining, and concentration technologies.

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4566-60 Wakamiko, Sutama-cho, Hokuto-city, Yamanashi. 408-0112 PHONE 0551-42-4441