Plant Information

Plant Information

Flavors and scents derived naturally by our original technologies bring new values to the food culture.
We would like to show you hereunder how Shonan Flavor's products are manufactured in what sort of environment and with what sort of technologies.

Akita Factory/Akita Farm

The Akita Factory was established in1986 for the manufacturing of juices, located 15kms west of Yuzawa city in Akita, in the Omono river valley. Being a major plantation area for apples and grapes in Akita, this area has never had a major natural disaster in its history and is extremely calm. In addition to cultivating from our fields for fruit processing materials, we employ a system to supply high quality raw materials for processing from directly contracted local growers who farm quality fruits for processing. Regarding manufacturing of juices, our original technologies have been established, and aiming to differentiate ourselves, we manufacture high quality juices by making good use of the extra-filtration process and reverse osmosis membrane technologies. We have furthermore differentiated ourselves by applying technologies that enhance the flavors of the raw materials. Besides manufacturing juices, we also manufacture flavor extracts from natural ingredients using various extracting, refining, and concentration technologies.

Akita Factory
9-3 Azaumanomine, Shinmachi, Ugomachi, Ogachi-gun, Akita. 012-1102
PHONE 0183-62-2185

Factory BuildingDrainage Disposal BuildingBoiler/PSA Room
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Akita Farm : Testing and Verification Grounds
Azarokuzawa, Horiuchi, Ugomachi, Ogachi-gun, Akita. 012-1104
PHONE 0183-62-2185

Testing and Verification Cultivation Information <Apple>
Ruby , Fuji
Campbell , Mountain Grapes